Orange Blueberry Smoothie

Total time:  10 minutes

Serves:  1

1 cup orange juice (4-5 oranges)
1 cup blueberries (Frozen or fresh)

1.  Fresh is always best, but if you freeze the berries you will have a chilled refreshing smoothie.
2.  Add half a cup of ice if you prefer a thicker and cooler smoothie. 

1.  Hand squeeze oranges or juice in a juicer.
2.  Blend all ingredients in a blender like a Vitamix.

+ Vegan
+ Gluten Free
+ Raw
+ High in Vitamin C
+ High in Anti-Oxidants
+ Immune boosting
+ Aids weight loss

EVERY single recipe on this website uses nature’s ingredients, only. 

* Always choose ORGANIC, local and seasonal whenever possible. 

This recipe was created by Liana Werner-Gray who is a Mentor for The Earth Diet Personalized Programs

Photo thanks to Rock’n Raw Photos- Raw and Unedited.

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